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Thai language translation / interpreter service

Our Thai language school offer Thai language translation, interpreter service.
An experienced more than 15 years translation coordinator supervises the translation group. Send us document by fax or email, we estimate translation fee for free. If our estimation is higher than another company ,please tell us. we will discount tuition fee.
You could use this service at inside or outside Thailand.

Thai language Student visa

Our school is an accreditation school by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.
That's why we are able to offer student visa group Thai language lesson,student visa
private Thai language lesson. For the student who would like to take many lesson with .
reasonable price, we offer group Thai language lesson. you could learn Thai language with your friend. For the student who would like to take lessons with your schedule, we offer private Thai language lesson.you could arrange your time along with your schedule.

Thai language school

Even a student who has never learned Thai language does not have the problem
Most of the student at our Thai language school also never learned Thai language.
Please contact us about Thai language lesson at school, student visa, Thai language lesson at home or office.
We have original Thai language method, we study the method more than 15 years. If you would like to take trial lesson, you could take lesson from 1 lesson.

Thai language private lesson

Thai language private lesson has started
in response to student's voice.
We offer Thai language lesson from 1 lesson.
You could learn Thai language lesson with
reasonable price.
The student take lessons anytime.
If you need to cancel lesson, you can change along with your schedule
(Please,call us till 17 pm the day before lesson)